Resolution Center

Our Resolution Center goes the extra mile for your customers

In 2003, we created the first true hands-on identity theft resolution company in the United States. Since then, the core of our business has been to provide personal-touch fraud specialist service to each victim.

When one of your customers, members, employees, or breach victims is connected to the CyberScout Resolution Center, each one of them gets unlimited access to a dedicated fraud specialist, who handles the hard work of:

Our case management system means a fraud specialist:
  • Provides an individual solution for each victim
  • Supports a victim through every step
  • Helps create a case against identity thieves
We actually resolve identity theft, no matter how long it takes, even if it takes weeks, months, a year, or more. And we extend service not only to the victim but also to the family members living in the same household.

No wonder, victims who have completed our survey report nearly 100% satisfaction with our fraud specialist services. That reflects well on your organization too.

This would have been much more traumatic for me without your advocacy. I appreciate your professionalism and kindness."

If you need identity theft assistance, call your provider organization to be put in touch with the CyberScout Resolution Center. More information for individual consumers.